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Your Help is Needed to Preserve Access to 8 miles of Canal Trails

what is.

what could be.

Cache County, Hyde Park and North Logan will soon be holding meetings to determine future access to the middle canal pathway and portions of the upper.  Scroll to the bottom of this post for the dates and times.  

historic routes

This walking route, and many like it in Cache County predate all of us reading these words, and delivered friends and family to work, social gatherings, and places of worship since their construction in the mid to late 1800s.  Over time, however, there has been no efforts to formally preserve many of these pathways, and some private landowners have sought to exclude public access from these historic routes.  

The Trails Cache is working directly with Cache County, Smithfield, Hyde Park, and North Logan and Logan to preserve access to the middle canal pathway between Logan and Smithfield.  We will be holding two open house meetings in coming months, and urge your attendenace if you'd like to see these trails preserved for future use, or even if you don't - we need to hear from the community at large.  Without your participation, the future of these pathways is yet uncertain. 

Public Meeting 1: 

Wed. March 29th, 7-9pm Hyde Park City Offices, 113 E Center Street, Hyde Park Utah. 

Public Meeting 2: 

Wed. April 12th, 7-9pm Greenville Elementary School, 2450 N 400 E, North Logan Utah. 

Both meetings will act as open houses, where the community can come together, share ideas and thoughts, and learn about both long and short term proposals for these pathways, the rationale for working to preserve them, and a variety of other topics.  We'll post to this site when we have an update with many of those materials.  

If you'd like to know more, you can download the mailer that was sent out to everyone who owns land adjacent to the middle and upper canal segments under consideration.  

And click this link for an overview map of the proposed canal pathway preservation project.

And as always, if you have further questions,  don't hesitate to email