Making Change

When we're not talking about the weather, or work, or adventures, many of us spend time dreaming and talking of a better home, a better, town, or a better world.  In orders of magnitude, we have a great deal of control over our better homes.  We have a smaller amount of control over our better towns, and most of us have only the most minor stake in making change the world over. 

Here at the Trails Cache, we're naturally interested in how trails, active transportation, and preseving more corridors that are safe and comfortable for people to move through without vehicles can contribute to a better Cache Valley.  We've been thinking about how to make these dreamed changes happen more quickly (a relative term), and more effectively.  If you'll allow us a doodle and a gross oversimplification, we think this diagram does a reasonable job of how those in charge make decisions, allocate funds, and make change.


If you're reading this and you're wondering - where is my Bonneville Shoreline Trail? or why don't I (my children) have a better route to bicycle to work/school?  Or even if you're reading this, shaking your head and thinking that these things aren't important, all opinions matter, than you should jump into the public input circle.  Here at the trails cache, we're the professional staff dedicated to providing data, working on grant proposals, creating planning documents, and running the traps on improving trails in the valley. But there's a whole other half to this, and that's public opinion.  So if you feel trails and active transportation should be more of a priority for your community than they are, you should speak up.  Click on your city below, and find a link to contact your mayor and council members. 

Richmond City

Smithfiled City

Hyde Park

North Logan













(apologies to those who are looking for Cove, Cornish, Cache or Clarkston contact info - we have a hard time linking to websites we can't find)

Here in Cache Valley, our communities are still relatively close knit - these mayors and council members truly want to see their communities become better places - and it's up to those that live there to reach out, say hello, and let them know what they feel should be priorities for our progress forward.  So reach out to your local elected officials, say hello, and ask them what the next big trail project should be.  If you've got any questions of us over at Cache County, email trails@cachecounty.org.