Deer Fence Concerns

Trail advocates -
Recently, there's been some concern and confusion regarding development along the Deer Fence Trail between Logan Dry Canyon and Providence Canyon.   Someone even took the time to post signs on the fence, encouraging people to contact the Trails Cache / Trails Planner, to express concern. 
As the Cache County Trails Planner, allow me a moment to explain the situation along the deer fence.  (These signs will shortly be removed, as they're not necessary/nor official - see below) 
1. "Little Baldy Place" is currently under construction, and home lots are being sold which contain land on both sides of the deer fence.
2.  Due to excellent public engagement last year, when this plan was before the Providence P&Z commission, and City Council, an agreement was reached and recorded between the landowner/developer and the City of Providence: The Deer Fence BST is to remain in place, unimpeded by development or private landowners, until a replacement trail can be built farther east on the hillside.
3. The above fact is recorded on the Plat you can see below.  I have also verified with Parker Real Estate that potential purchasers of these parcels are being informed of the trail's continued use.
4. A trail farther east is under consideration, but funding must be procured to purchase large parcels of private hillside land before any trail design or build efforts can commence.
Little Baldy Place Plat 
As the County Trails Planner, it is very important to me that we do not loose any access to Bonneville Shoreline Trails, but rather get more and better Bonneville Shoreline Access as we grow.  If you, as trail advocates identify any clear threats to this access, do get in touch.  I hope this message helps everyone understand the current situation.
And if you're wondering what else you can do to preserve (or even expand) our valuable foothill trail networks -
1. Contact Providence City (particularly if you're a resident) and urge them to:
- Preserve Access to the trail (only informal trailheads exist currently)
- Participate in funding trails maintenance/design/planning efforts
- Prioritize preservation of the BST trail throughout their jurisdiction.
2. No matter where you live, make sure your community understands your desire to support the preservation and enhancement of trails and trail access, especially when development occurs
Thank you for your ear, 
Dayton Crites, County Trails Planner.