Trail Adoption Party

Post Event Update: 

Wow.  Cache Valley Trail lovers - thank you for your support, for showing up, for eating all the food, and adopting (not quite) all the trails!  It certainly was exciting to see the large pavilion crammed tight with hikers, runners, mountain bikers and other trail affectionados for the evening.  All BBQ snafus notwithstanding, it seems people even got some good food in them too.  All in all, this event resulted in 45 trails being officially adopted.  If you officially adopted a trail, expect to hear from Ian at Cache Trails Alliance regarding scheduling and promoting dates, and we'll do our part as well to make sure people know when and where some additional help would be useful on our great trails.  

trail adoption setting

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How to adopt a trail if you didn't make this week's event.

We heard from a few people who wanted to adopt trails, but life was drawing them elswhere on Wednesday night.  If that describes you, then all you have to do is figure out a trail that you'd like to adopt (and hasn't been adopted - see list below) and go through the following steps:

trail signup results

(note that if the trail you had your eye on is already adopted - you can still play a big role - get ahold of the adoptee or ian@jensononline.com to coordinate working on that trail.) 

1. Fill out the official USFS paperwork - two basic forms that identify your trail, and sign the volunteer agreement.  Questions about these forms can be directed to Lisa Thompson, USFS Volunteer Coordinator. (lisathompson@fs.fed.us)

2. This commits you to organizing and leading 3 volunteer work parties on your trail over the season, and documenting and reporting the work done during said parties. If you're not totally sure what should be done when, do get in touch with us or the USFS Volunteer Coordinator, Lisa Thompson.  Once forms are complete, send them to: lisathompson@fs.fed.us, and feel free to trails@cachecounty.org 

3. Calendar, plan, and execute your trail work parties.  We're working closely with Cache Trails Alliance to help organize these work parties, and promote them, so you get 10 hands helping you trim back brush or fix drainage issues on your favorite trail, rather than just your own.  When you have an idea of what work you'd like to accomplish on your favorite trail, and when you'd like to organize a work party, email the volunteer coordinators: ian@jensononline.com; lisathompson@fs.fed.us  Don't wait till 3 days before your event, a few weeks or a month's warning would be ideal, even if the date needs to be slightly flexible.  That will give your volunteer coordinators time to coordinate trail tool checkout, online promotions and calendar setup, and provide feedback in case any issues are forseen with your proposed work)

4. Get on that trail, party hard with your shovels and loppers, and take a step back, pat yourself and your friends on the back, and enjoy your trail in far better shape than it was in before. 

5. Be sure to document how many people came to your work party, what work was done where, and before and after pics are really helpful.  Sending this information out to the volunteer coordinators: ian@jensononline.com; lisathompson@fs.fed.us; will help us track the impact of volunteer partners on our forest.  And the more successful we are with this reporting, the more volunteer hours are recorded on our forest, the easier it will be for us to illustrate that volunteer labor can maintain new trails, or re-routed trails on our public lands. 

Any questions, email the trail coordinators or us

 ian@jensononline.com (Cache Trails Alliance) 

lisathompson@fs.fed.us (USFS)

trails@cachecounty.org (Cache County Trails Planning & Development)