Cache Quest

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Cache Quest

This year, we've got another way for the whole family to engage in Bike to Work Week. The Cache Quest, a tour of bike and pedestrian accessible locations around the valley.

Complete the quest by 5pm Friday, May 17 and you’ll be entered in a special raffle to win new bike commuter bags , courtesy of Sunrise Cyclery and Move Utah.

Fill in the answers on the interior sheet of your bike passport, which you can pick up at any Bike Week event, May 13-17, or find online at http://trails.cachecounty.org/#news

Each line is a word or phrase you will know only by following the clues in the riddle. Walk, bike, or use the bus to get to your answers. By filling in all the answers, the final clue will be revealed.

Bring your completed passport or answer sheet to the end of week party at Stokes Nature Center and we’ll put you in the extra exclusive Cache Quest raffle.

Too easy? Want another entry? Take a photo of your completed puzzle and a selfie with your bike at each location, close to the answer. Email the photos to trails@cachecounty.org The first to send in all the photos gets an extra entry to the raffle.

Cache Quest Answer Key



  1. You might have to do some research downtown for this one. Find Where the Sidewalk Ends - use a computer if you need to, or just ask for help. Look nearby at the edge, you will find a number to call. The title on this sign shall be your answer.


  1. You might think you’re doing pretty well, but you could be skating on thin ice. Ok, this time of year there is no ice at all, but find this, and surely a wizard you will be! Upon a building blue in hue, wooden signs you will find. One sign of times to remind, and one of this, your answer, to preclude.


  1. 3-2-1 blastoff! In the morning shadow of a pyramid, after trekking through sands, amidst uncovered bones, find a small sign of your answer. Use the first word. Say hi to Ryan if you see him. We heard this was his kind of place.


  1. Where trees, weeping, bent by human will, sit beneath a silver dome, like a giant eye, scanning the sky. Close by, first find a sign of the circle of life. Upon this sign, of the 30, use the second, your answer it will be.


  1. Feeling resourceful after the last one? Well then naturally you should go north just a bit. In a place it rains 3 times a day you will find solutions for this type of world.


  1. Voyager 1 travels at about 11 miles/second.  Relatively speaking, you will go much faster past the planets if you find the right way. Just past Neptune, you’ll find a good place to meet. Once there, look around, and we think you’ll figure out a plan to answer this clue.


  1. Grab your sunscreen and some inner tubes! We’re going to the beach! Wait, what? We missed it? You say it’s been a while? But while you’re near the south end of this coastal trail, it’s a good spot to look around, rest, and maybe do some reading? At last, this is the thing you should take.


  1. This might be the end of the road for our trail trek, and we’d understand if you feel a little trapped not being able to go further than this. Once you do get to the end, find the lumberjack. In front, this tiny, smiling friend in the forest can tell you about themselves. Make note of the first thing they tell you about, for this will complete your quest!