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US-91 & US-165 Feasibility Study Completed

Cache County, in partnership with Alta Planning + Design, has just wrapped up a study to look at the feasibility of multi-use trails along US-91 (between Richmond and Smithfield) and SR-165 (between Hyrum and Paradise). 
This study has been in process since late 2019 and was just completed. Funding was secured through UDOT's Technical Planning Assistance Program. Alta Planning + Design were the consultants that worked to produce this document.
On US-91, some main conclusions were that both sides of the highway present significant challenges for a path. This corridor serves as one of the only continuous north-south oriented corridors between Richmond and Smithfield. Because of the type of roadway, UDOT safety standards require crash-worthy barriers along the length of the corridor, increasing cost for a pathway.
On US-165, some key takeaways were that the east side of the highway would be more feasible to build along rather than the west. An alternative route was explored along 600 W and 400 W, since lower speeds/volumes reduce the need for a physical barrier separation and safety would be improved. 
Click here to read the PDF.