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The Trails Cache is designed to be the central gathering point for anyone interested in supporting, promoting, and improving Cache Valley's beautiful Trail Network.

Led by Cache County, the Trails Cache seeks to build strong community support and excitement around a thriving non-motorized trails network. Questions? Get in touch with us.

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Come join us on a ride to discuss making our streets better for active transportation, and get a free lunch out of the deal!

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How many people really walk and bike in Cache County? Help us find out!

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An UnRace to Benefit Trails

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When great trails are built the wrong way, we work hard to make them right.

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Come help us build a better trail

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If you're passionate about trails or active transportation - we want to help you get involved.

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Come check these out to plan your next trip on a bicycle - and figure out what roads are more or less comfortable to ride upon.

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